Hearthstone – Win your first 3 battles


If you do not know what Hearthstone is yet…where have you been? I don’t think Blizzard can push it anymore onto us! Hearthstone has been in beta for some time and has now been released, to celebrate this you can get a nice mount and all you need to do is win 3 games.

So let’s start from the beginning, what exactly is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is Blizzards new card game, unlike their original TCG this one is completely online. I feel this is a great move; I love card games but never had anyone to play with now I have hearthstone.

Decks are split into the classes of WoW, although at the moment it is still missing the Monk deck. You can unlock new cards by gaining levels or buying them from the shop with gold. Each pack contains 5 cards and you have a chance of getting, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary cards.

How do you get gold?

There are daily quests IE win 2 games using a warrior deck, these quests give you gold and once you have 100g you can buy a deck. The other way would be to use real money to purchase a higher amount of decks.

I’m new, how can I win 3 games to get my mount?

If you have not been playing Hearthstone, you might be a bit confused on what to do. You may even get frustrated by being put up against people that have epics and legendries, this article will hopefully give you a few tips that may help’s. These are based on my personal experiences so may vary.

Step One: Unlock class decks

The first step is to play some practice games so that you can unlock all of the class decks, this will allow you to also unlock the cards in those decks.

Step Two: Complete some quests to get gold

Complete some of the quests as this will unlock some gold and should be enough to buy at least 1 deck of 5 cards

Step Three: Build your own custom deck

I personally wouldn’t play the pre-made decks against other players, you want to create your own deck – this should help provide some shocks with the different cards in it.

Here are some of my tips on creating a deck;

  • Use Taunts

    Taunts are perfect to protect your health as your opponent’s cards must target these before they can attack your other cards or your health. It would be a good idea to have a range of taunts that require different mana, IE have at least 1 from each mana group.

    If you can get a deck that has a good % of taunts, you should be able to keep your health protected most of the duel.

  • Cards with Charge

    Cards with charge mean that as soon as you play them they can attack, without you having to wait until your next turn.

    This can be perfect to cause some additional damage to your opponent and can sometimes be enough to win the duel.

  • Cards that benefit other cards

    As well as defensive cards (taunts) and cards that have high attacks there are also supporting cards. These are aimed to heal your cards, give them additional health/attack or even cause your opponent damage.

  • Cards that summon more minions

    If you have a good defence, you will also need some attacking cards. There are a number of cards that when summoned, will summon an additional card. These are perfect for getting a good line of attack as well as useful at intimidating your opponent

This is just an introduction; we are aiming to add more tips and guides in future issues. If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Issue Two!!

I am happy to announce that issue two is NOW available!

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